Disgusted McDonald’s Customer Finds Chewy Surprise In Her McMuffin

One Australian student’s Saturday night fast food run took a turn for the nauseating after she discovered chewing gum in her egg and cheese McMuffin.

The woman, a college student from the Australian city of Canberra, told Yahoo7 that she noticed “something was off” with her sandwich right off the bat. “I took a bite and then I realized something wasn’t right.”


“I opened it up and found what looks like a piece of chewing gum. It was cooked into the burger, it was in the cheese,” she said, choosing to remain anonymous. “You trust these people to make your food. I was disgusted from a health standpoint, who knows where that has been and what it is carrying,” she told Yahoo7, adding that she felt “sick just thinking about it.”

She took the offensive McMuffin back to the restaurant to complain. The manager offered the woman a refund and a free menu item, but she turned his offer down. “I’m never going back. if I hadn’t checked it, I would have eaten it,” she said.


Yahoo7 reported that the manager believes the gray wad embedded into the cheese of the McMuffin is actually Blu Tack — that sticky stuff college kids use to tack their posters to the wall — though why that makes the situation any better remains a mystery.

“My manager took images of the muffin but then he threw it away,” the manager said. “I checked with my kitchen straight away to see if there is some way it could’ve gone into the meal. I have reviewed the footage of that night [and] there is no possible way it could have fallen in.”

The manager remains confident his staff didn’t place the Blu Tack/gum into the sandwich, and said that he filed a foreign items form to McDonald’s head office.

A spokesperson for the restaurant chain told The Sun Online, “We are aware of this complaint, but having reviewed the CCTV of this product being prepared and served to the customer, we can find no evidence of this contamination having occurred in our restaurant.”

h/t Yahoo7