Couple’s Overheard Conversation On The Subway Goes Viral For Its Inspired Ending

We want a relationship this honest.


Being a happy couple can be a challenge when one partner is an introvert and one is more extroverted. Some people, like myself, have the gift of gab and can happily talk for hours on end. Others, like our partner (hi babe!), would pay unspeakable sums of money for the ability to have silence on demand. Everyone needs a little quiet sometimes.


Be honest, there are times you really want to go all Kindergarten Cop on someone.


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We 100% support everyone’s right to ask for whatever works for their mental energy at the moment, but how do you ask someone to stop talking politely?


A couple overheard on a subway recently seems to have really figured it out, and lucky for us, Corinne documented the exchange on Twitter.




Twitter is inspired.










Especially since so many of us are less tactful and less successful at this.











Although maybe it’s not a strategy that would work for alllll couples…



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H/T: Twitter, Indy100