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Conspiracy Theorists Have Ridiculous Ideas About The Trump Tower Fire

Shortly after daybreak on Monday morning, a fire broke out on the roof of Trump Tower in Manhattan. The glitzy skyscraper is full of expensive apartments, and it’s home to many individuals, including President Donald Trump, when he’s not at the White House or golfing at Mar-A-Lago, of course. Firefighters responded to the incident, and controlled the blaze. Three people were injured, But as it stands right now, the fire is out, and nobody died.

These kinds of things happen. New York is a massive, densely populated place filled with buildings very close to each other, and the mighty New York Fire Department is always on call to save the day should something very bad like this occur. Nevertheless, some people got really, really alarmed by this fire, simply because it happened in Trump Tower. One website is “fanning the flames,” so to speak, of that anxiety, hinting that the fire was collateral damage from an assassination attempt on President Trump, because, it, you know, took place at Trump Tower.

“Fears are mounting for Donald Trump’s safety after a huge fire has suddenly broken out at Trump Tower in New York,” read an article on a site called Neon Nettle. “The President has yet to be accounted for with many fearing the fire could be deliberate,” the unsourced article continued. Later on, the site published an update at the bottom of the article, noting that “Donald Trump has been confirmed safe and sound and returned to the White House after a brief trip to Camp David in the afternoon, 7 January 2018, where he remained until the subsequent day.”

But Neon Nettle posted another article that posited a reason for the fire: It was an assassination attempt by the “deep state,” or “New World Order.” According to the website, “The socialist left-wing elites in power have seemed hell-bent on stopping Trump in his tracks as he continues to bring America’s economy back from the brink.”

While some theories or rumors are based on a nugget of truth or funny coincidence, this theory/rumor is made up of false and easily disproved information. While nobody would report on the New World Order, whether it exists or not, there’s the small matter of Trump not being anywhere near Trump Tower when the supposed attempt on his life took place. There’s a public photo of him getting off a helicopter at the White House on Sunday, and according to his public schedule, he left the White House for Joint Base Andrews on January 8. Then he went to the college football national championship game. Trump is fine, in other words.