College Student Swears Off Dating Forever After This Horrid Text Exchange With A Guy

Many of us ladies have had the experience of liking a guy up until the moment you have a conversation or two with them. Sure, guys can seem cute/good looking/nice from the start, but when they open their mouth and say some pretty dumb stuff, we can’t help but shake our heads.

One college student has officially admitted she is “never talking to a boy ever again,” after she had a pretty ridiculous and cringe-worthy text exchange with a guy she was getting to know. Twitter user @Jaidachan shared the text exchange on Twitter. The guy had asked her what her major was–to which Jaida had explained she was studying “sociology with a concentration in women, gender, and sexuality.” Now, any intelligent person knows that means she’s studying gender and sexuality (sociologically).

This guys’ answer?

HUGE FACE-PALM. What kind of f*ckboy…?!? I’d be done with him too, girl. God bless. Twitter, of course, felt some type of way.