Canadian Magazine Makes A Strong Point By Charging Men More For Their Latest Issue

MacLean’s is one of Canada’s most venerable magazines. A roundup of news and culture that matter most to a general audience of Canadians, it’s kind of like our chill, free healthcare-having, northern neighbor’s version of Time or Newsweek. That said, it’s not going to necessarily stay objective. The magazine’s editors wanted to call attention to a long-standing and deeply-aggravating social inequality, and they weren’t above a shocking publicity stunt to get people to notice.

An issue of Maclean’s usually costs $6.99 (CDN). The March 2018 issue of “Canada’s National Magazine,” however will only ring up at that price for women. For men, the magazine costs $8.81 (CDN).

Why? Well, ever hear that statistic that says American women make 80 cents for every dollar American men earn for doing the same job? It’s a problem in Canada, too. So, to highlight and anger readers about the 26 percent pay gap between male and female Canadian workers, Maclean’s made two different versions, one for men, and one for women. And the men have to pay more because they inexplicably earn more.

Even better, the extra $1.82 made from each “men only” Maclean’s sold (nobody “has” to buy one version of the magazine or another) will be donated to Indspire, an Indigenous Canadian charity, where it will help fund scholarships for young women.