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New Map Shows That California’s Wildfire Is Almost As Big As NYC Metro Area

ICYMI, California is being taken over by insane, horrific, and dangerous wildfires that are sweeping cities. According to experts, the current situation is set to leave California in despair and go down as possibly one of the largest wildfire situations in the state’s history. CNN reported that “The Thomas Fire” currently is the third largest in the state since 1923. So far, over 270,000 acres of land has been burned from this devastating situation. Many people have lost absolutely everything including their homes and their cherished items, as more civilians (and celebrities) are being evacuated from their homes in order to remain safe.

While wildfires always sound as though they’re scary and traumatic, many people don’t truly understand the severity of the situation unless they are affected. Two Los Angeles Times reporters decided to put things into a bit of perspective for the rest of the world by comparing the affected areas to large cities across America.

According to their findings, the current fires would stretch all the way from the state of New Jersey to Long Island, and most of New York City’s five boroughs would be completely destroyed. Just sit and imagine an entire city being completely wiped out by these flames? It’s painful to think about. While many people are aware of the situation in California, Twitter users are in awe that the fires are not getting more attention or aid, as they have been ongoing for months since August. As well, Twitter users are outraged that President Donald Trump hasn’t given the fires much thought.