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Melania Trump Was Asked What Her Dream Vacation Would Be–And Jokes Quickly Followed

Melania Trump has never been known to be the brightest bulb in the box – no offense to the FLOTUS. She’s pretty much taken a backseat to her outspoken, over-the-top husband and hasn’t done much for us as the First Lady. Of course, this is a huge juxtaposition from our former First Lady, the Queen, Michelle Obama. Mrs. Trump has to know she ends up being the butt of memes, jokes, and everything we can turn into comedy. And, as sad as that is, it’s just so well deserved. Like, when she was asked what her dream vacation would be and she completely set herself up for disaster.

During an visit to the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., a 10-year-old boy had the opportunity to as the FLOTUS an interview question. So, naturally, he asked where Melania would want to spend the holidays if she could (clearly, not in the White House sleeping next to Donald Trump).

She answered:

“I would spend my holidays on a deserted island, a tropical island – with my family.”

Well, I’m sure everyone wishes your family was on a deserted island, Mrs. Trump. I’ll personally  donate some of my hard-earned cash to send you and your family to the furthest deserted island I can find. You’re welcome, girl. Happy Holidays.

After hearing her response, Twitter users went crazy with hilarious jokes and answers.