Many Mourn The Loss of The Queen’s Last Remaining Corgi

For the first time since WWII, the Queen will not have a corgi in her household.

Willow, the 14-year-old corgi who, according to the Guardian, was the “14th generation descended from Susan, a corgi gifted to the then Princess Elizabeth on her 18th birthday in 1944,” was recently put to sleep due to cancer-related complications.

“She does not like seeing her dogs suffer and she knows that sometimes putting a dog down is the kindest course of action – although that doesn’t make her loss any less,” a source apparently told the Daily Mail. “One comforting fact was that Prince Philip, recuperating from his hip replacement operation, was able to be with her at Windsor.”

“Willow represents a significant thread running through The Queen’s life from her teenage years to her 90s. For many, many years she bred and raised corgis and to think that the last one has now gone is something of a milestone.”


The Queen still has two dorgis (dachshund-corgi mixes), named Vulcan and Candy. However, Willow was the last of the Queen’s corgis, as she decided in 2015 to stop breeding the dogs so as to not “leave any young dog behind” when she passes away.

The Queen has owned over 30 corgi breeds during her reign.

Obviously, the public is rather distraught over the loss of one of the House of Windsor’s cuddly and lovable mascots.

Willow is likely to be buried in the pet cemetery on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, which was created by Queen Victoria when he beloved collie passed away.