There Was An Empty Seat At The Royal Wedding And Everyone Thought It Was In Honor Of Princess Diana

Whenever you think about your wedding day, one of the biggest things you hope for is that both of your parents are there for the monumental moment in your life.
Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have both of their parents live long enough to see them grow up and get married. It can be incredibly emotional and painful to have your mother or father miss one of the best days of your life. But, many people find ways to honor their late parents on their special day.

This weekend, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot and while it was a happy and beautiful occasion, of course, we think of the late Princess Diana. Prince Harry’s mother’s absence was felt by many.

People noticed that during the wedding ceremony, there was an empty chair in the front row.

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Many people believed that the empty seat was in honor of Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. It is a touching realization and idea that the family would honor her in such a loving and beautiful way.

However, it turns out that the seat was left empty for a different reason. The Queen can be seen sitting in the second row, and, tradition states that the seat was left empty so that she could have a “complete, unobstructed view of the ceremony.”

However, both Prince Harry and Meghan honored Princess Diana in other ways during the ceremony. Their wedding carriage, their vows, Meghan’s flowers, and her engagement ring were all in honor of the late Princess Diana–and that is truly beautiful.