Ariana Grande Shared A Snippet Of A New Song With Nicki Minaj—And We’re So Ready

Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj have been musical besties for a while now. They’ve collaborated a few times, and taken the stage together a few more.

Bring it.

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The pair may be collaborating together again, if Ariana’s twitter is any indication. She fired off a tweet recently that has people thinking we’re about to see a new jam from the pair. We don’t know a name, a potential release date, or anything like that. What we doooo know is that Ariana knows Nicki’s verse, and we think that’s kind of adorable.

Lip sync like a pro.

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Ariana is just, ya know, like… casually droppin’ bangers – as one does

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Fans were totally here for it.


Fans are here for the tweet. They’re here for the song. They’re here for Nicki and Ariana as besties. All of it. Yes. 


If this song does well, it could change things for both ladies… 


Happy Dance! 

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H/T: Twitter