8-Year-Old Boy Filmed Helping Older Woman With Walker To Climb Stairs And It’s Too Pure

Eight-year-old Maurice Adams Jr is giving hope to us all, and he didn’t even mean to. He was in a car with his mother when they spotted someone struggling to make their way with a walker. Maurice had mom pull over so that he could help.

Another passerby, who didn’t know anyone involved, was so moved by what they were seeing that they pulled out their phone to record. Maurice, unaware he was being filmed and having no idea who this person was, jumped right in to help her get that walker up the stairs.

The little boy slowly and carefully helped an elderly stranger maneuver up some stairs. Her walker was awkward, so Maurice helped her balance and lift the walker step by step. When they got to the top, the pair hugged and Maurice happily bounded down and right back into moms waiting car. The video was posted online, and it’s gone completely viral!


Maurice is uplifting us all with his simple act of kindness and compassion.


The kids are going to be alright if Maurice is any indication.

H/T: Twitter, CTV