15 Loopholes Just Dying to Be Exploited and the Evil Geniuses Who Discovered Them

8. Like a boss!

Whenever people come to the pool where I lifeguard and have guests with them, I always ask them if they live more than 50 miles away (our policy is guests from more than 50 miles away don’t pay guest fees). If they say no I give them the look and ask them again. They usually say yes after that.

Saving customers two dollars like a boss.

9. Is this a hack or just lazy?

I get paid by my work even though I am on reddit for 5-6 hours per day.

10. Using their own punishment against them, very clever

The college I commuted to didn’t have enough parking for the commuters but roughly 10 times what it needed for the residents. One day I was forced to park in the resident parking and got a ticket.

Every day I had to park there I’d slip the ticket under my windshield wiper and walk on into class. The cars around me would get tickets but they’d just leave the old one on my windshield figuring they already got me.

Never even paid it. Worcester State did a horrible job of enforcing parking fines 10 years ago.

11. Whoa, big saver

I bring all my rechargeable items (shaver, cell phone, lap top, etc.) to work and plug them in there. I figure I must have saved at least $1-$2 last year in electricity.

12. Technically correct–the best kind of correct!

I can afford college thanks to bigotry. I have two moms, and thanks to the law, my non-birth mom is technically not my legal parent, so when I applied for the FAFSA, I could legally say that I was raised by a single mother who works part-time.

Financial aid’s even sweeter when it feels like you’re getting revenge for living with people’s crap.

13. Boom, indeed.

At the arcade if you pull the ticket out real slow and careful you can get an extra one. Boom!

14. Old ladies can do pretty much anything

Old lady (80’s) at my college book store, walked in the back with a bag, placed 2 books in her bag, and then I watched walk to the front as she sold them back to the book store. I wanted to say something… but was too impressed.

15. I’d sleep fine, too

I used to work in a camera store that sold warranties. No matter how the camera broke, they would fix it or replace it under the warranty.

The only problem was that the store would ship off the camera to be repaired, sometimes for months, up to five times before replacing it.

So, let’s say your battery cover breaks off. You ship it off and six weeks later it’s back. But, it’s really a brand defect, so, the cover pops off again. They won’t replace the whole piece or give you another camera. You’re out the camera for months while it’s being fixed. They keep selling the defective camera and the warranties.

I got tired of screwing over customers. I thought it was dishonest.

I read the contract myself and found an interesting clause. If the camera was so physically damaged that it was obvious it couldn’t be fixed, we could take a picture of it and send that instead. The person immediately got a new camera.

When people would come in with a camera with a defect I’d seen 100 times, I’d ask if they just wanted a new one (the next model up, without the defect). They’d say yes and I’d tell them to take it out into the parking lot and run over it with their car. I’d pile the pieces on the counter, take a picture and give them their new, non-defective camera.

I slept fine.

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