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Video Of Men Using A Bizarre Machine To Do Roadwork Takes Internet By Storm

This video makes me feel many things. First off, I wonder how their boss feels when he sees this video. Not exactly the epitome of efficiency, definitely hysterical as long as you aren’t paying these guys. Think about sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for over an hour and finally passing this. A bunch of men just hanging around. Things would have to get violent, this is just insanity. It’s also a super funny visual to see these men sitting around a huge machine with a tiny shovel.

I’m curious, could they not fit the original bucket into the hole? Is there some little area in there only a single tiny shovel could fit in? If so why not send a man down there? Is there some kind of monster or creature?

So many questions derived from one hysterical video. I mean it’s not every day you see something so preposterous. Someone needs to find one of these guys working and get the rundown on what’s really going on. Twitter is going crazy over whatever is going on during this ridiculous scene, hopefully, the internet can help close this case.

Is this real life?

I did notice the distracted look at the dogs but I thought that was just considered being a sane human? A dog walks by, you look. Heavy machinery and work to be done all fall short on the list of concerns when a dog scampers by. Either way, this is certainly not something you see every day. The only conclusion I can come to is these guys are getting paid by the hour and are absolutely killing it.

Maybe there are dangerous electrical or gas lines down there but where’s the fun in that? I’m sticking to hourly working or some type of horrifying beast. Whether or not the truth ever comes out about why this video happened it doesn’t really matter. This is just one hysterical site to see.