This Kid’s Brilliant Experiment Exposes His Parents’ Lies About The Tooth Fairy

Most kids are perfectly content to buy into the existence of the Tooth Fairy — after all, if losing their teeth results in money under their pillows, who are they to question the process? However, some little ones are more skeptical when it comes to accepting the notion of a magical, orthodontia-obsessed sprite.

Recently, Twitter user Fahd Ahmad shared a story about his 9-year-old son, who had conducted a personal experiment to discover whether or not the tooth fairy was real.

Apparently, Ahmad’s son decided to see what would happen if he kept his tooth-loss a secret versus what would happen if he told his parents. (Spoiler alert: when he didn’t tell his parents about his lost tooth, he didn’t find any money under his pillow.)

While the experiment doesn’t account for all possibilities, you have to admit the kid did a fairly impressive job of getting to the bottom of the situation — even if it did ultimately bring the tooth fairy’s existence to an abrupt close.

“He’s an inquisitive kid, thinking his own thoughts,” Ahmad told Mashable. “He’s got sort of a scientific mindset naturally.”

Naturally, Twitter was impressed.

Some parents actually shared their own similar experiences.

People even offered up possible excuses that Ahmad could have used to throw his inquisitive child off the scent. (Even though nine is a perfectly appropriate age to learn the truth about the tooth fairy.)

Even though Ahmad’s son now knows the truth, he’s still having to play along — for now.

“He’s been tasked with not blowing the secret for his younger brothers. We will see what he can do,” Ahmad told Mashable.

However, Ahmad adds that his precocious little sleuth might be regretting his investigation right about now.

“I think he lost his future cash flow, which is something he probably didn’t anticipate.”