Teen Gets Massive Support After He’s The Only Student Who Walked Out Of His School

On Wednesday, March 14th, students around the country participated in a 17-minute school walkout to honor the 17 victims who died in the Parkland shooting earlier this year, and to protest for harsher gun control laws in America. All around the country, incredible photos of students and teachers using their voice and first amendment right to participate in a peaceful protest. One teen, however, was the only student to participate in the walkout at his school and shared his story on Twitter. 16-year-old Justin Blackman from Wilson Preparatory Academy in Wilson, Carolina posted a video to his Twitter account showing his walkout solo.

CNN reported that about 700 students go to Wilson Preparatory Academy, yet, Blackman was the only student who decided to leave class and participate in National Walk Out Day. He stayed outside for the 17-minutes and returned to his class after. When he posted the video on Twitter, he didn’t expect anyone to really watch it. But, Blackman was shocked when over 200,000 people responded to his courageous decision.

Lindsay Knauf from Newtown, CT where the Sandy Hook shooting took place reached out and thanked Blackman for helping make a change.

Filmmaker and director Ava DuVernay also reached out to Blackman with a powerful Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quote.

Others also reached out to Blackman saying they stand beside him.