Talented Instagrammer Draws Herself In 50 Different Cartoon Character Styles

There are all sorts of design “challenges” running rampant on social media. One in particular, called #StyleChallenge, encourages its participants to draw portraits of themselves as different cartoon characters.

24-year-old Sam Skinner, of Overland Park, Kansas, recently participated in the #StyleChallenge, illustrating 50(!!) different self-portraits in styles from 50 different animated series.

Not surprisingly, the endeavor took Skinner over a year to complete.

“I decided to do the challenge because I wanted to learn how to design images graphically and how these professional cartoon stylists do what they do,” Skinner told INSIDER. “Where do the shadows go? How do some clothes lay on different body types? Do smooth lines or hard edges look better?”

Here’s a closer look at Sam’s handiwork:

Skinner says that she didn’t expect her portraits to garner attention online and that she took on the challenge to get some practice.

“Even though I made some of them almost identical to their originals, I really only did this for the practice so I can start designing my own characters for a webcomic a friend of mine and I would like to do — not because I wanted this to blow up like it did.”

Needless to say, the extensive project certainly improved Skinner’s design abilities.

“Since this whole project took around a year for me to complete, with a brief hiatus for school, I definitely would say my skills got better the more I worked on it,” Skinner adds to Bored Panda.

Considering this is one of Skinner’s first attempts at digital art, I’d say that her design future is looking pretty bright.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: her favorite self-portrait is the one done in the style of Tim Burton.