Stormy Daniels Just Detailed Even More Of Her And Donald Trump’s Encounter

The things being said about Donald Trump’s reported affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels is nothing we haven’t heard before. It’s a mixture of bedroom exploits, the convergence of power and sex, legal threats, payoffs, and the notion that “this could be what finally brings down Donald Trump.” Sure, but this could really be what finally brings down Donald Trump.

In brief: A porn star named Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 just before the 2016 presidential election to keep quiet about an affair she had in 2006 with then-reality TV goon Donald Trump. She signed an NDA, but In Touch realized, hey, we did an interview with Daniels before the NDA was in effect, so let’s just run it anyway and reveal all the gross details to the electorate.

Over the past week, more and more deliciously embarrassing details about the Daniels-Trump moments of sexual congress have emerged. For example, they met at a golf tournament, had dinner in Trump’s hotel room, and then had unprotected sex.

In Touch gives the people what it wants (at least in theory; this stuff is pretty cringeworthy and NSFW), so here are some more standout quotes from Daniels’s long-ago, full and complete interview about her dirty times—the first night and other encounters—with the future president.

On magazines:

“He kept showing me he was on the cover of a magazine that had just come out and it was some sort of money magazine, I wish I could remember which one it was. But he had it in the room and he kept showing it to me and I was like, “Dude, I know who you are.” He was trying to sell me, I guess.”

On Daniels’ job:

“He asked me like, “I gotta ask you a question and I don’t want to get you offended” and I was like, “Trust me, you can’t.” I was expecting some sort of vulgar question and it wasn’t; it was something about how much money I make off the royalties of something.”

On his hair:

“And then I remember saying to him, “Ok well I have a question for you and it IS offensive.” And I asked him about his hair. I was like, “Dude, what’s up with that?” and he laughed and he said, “You know, everybody wants to give me a makeover and I’ve been offered all this money and all these free treatments.” And I was like, “What is the deal? Don’t you want to upgrade that? Come on, man.” He said that he thought that if he cut his hair or changed it, that he would lose his power and his wealth. And I laughed hysterically at him.”

On Melania:

“I was like, “Yeah, what about your wife?” He goes, “Oh, don’t worry about her.” Quickly, quickly changed the subject.”