Soledad O’Brien Dunked On Chuck Woolery Over The Stormy Daniels Scandal

Soledad O’Brien is done suffering B.S. from just about everyone. Her latest target is aging-game-show-host-turned-right-wing-radical Chuck Woolery.

If you’re old enough, you might remember Chuck Woolery as the leathery, furrow-browed human chin who hosted the 1980s dating show Love Connection. Now he’s the leathery, farrow-browed human chin who advances right-wing conspiracy theories, anti-semitism, and Islamophobia.

In the past, Chuck Woolery has tweeted out some insanely bizarre stuff. Take this totally innocent comment echoing a common anti-semitic attack:

Or this one accusing the organizer of the alt-right protest organizer in Charlottesville of being an Obama plant:

Or his claim that “all terrorists are Muslim.

Or this:

Thanks, Chuck!

It should go without saying that as a talentless, insipid, right-wing pseudo-celebrity he’s a big fan of Mr. Trump! He tweeted out this trenchant analysis of the current political landscape over the weekend:

Soledad O’Brien, fresh off her absolute ethering of CNN talking head Chris Cillizza, let Chuck have it on Twitter:

The president’s attorney/fixer Michael Cohen announced plans to potentially sue Stormy Daniels for $20 million for breaking her non-disclosure agreement with Donald Trump. Many people see this move as an attempt to intimidate Daniels, who sat down for an interview about her affair with 60 Minutes

Actor Ron Perlman went in on the 77-year-old former game show host too:

Maybe stick to selling pre-lubricated catheters, Chuck.