People Are A Little Terrified Of Melania Trump’s ‘Festive’ White House Easter Decorations

Melania Trump certainly has an eye for holiday decor. Unfortunately, her first attempts at decorating the White House for major holidays have received, uh, mixed reviews.

You may remember Melania Trump’s first stab at decorating the White House for a major holiday. Her Christmas decorations didn’t exactly have people feeling the holiday spirit.

Well, FLOTUS is back at it again with this year’s Easter decorations.

Slightly sinister, no? Last Easter, Melania was still splitting time between New York City and Washington and didn’t pay a large role in the decorating. But this year’s Easter decorations reflect a similar aesthetic as last year’s Christmas decorations.

Some people are just as terrified of her Easter decor as they were of her Christmas decor:

The austere decorations definitely give off a “happy-within-strict-guidelines” vibe. Maybe Melania’s trying to tell us something? What do you think?