Pamela Anderson Wrote A Letter To Kanye West Begging Him To Help Julian Assange

In one of the strangest and most random collaborations of people I’ve seen in a very long time–Pamela Anderson is asking Kanye West for some help and, she’s serious.

Just a few weeks ago, Anderson opened up about her relationship with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange–who, she believes, is in danger. She wrote a letter to Kanye West–shared by TMZ–begging him to help her and Assange.

In the letter, Anderson wrote:


Anderson also tweeted it on her Twitter account.

While it seems to be a random pairing–and, completely wild for Anderson to ask for West’s help–it doesn’t come as a surprise to many who have been keeping up with Kanye West recently. The rapper has been in the media spotlight speaking out in favor of free speech and free thought–which Wikileaks really promotes and encourages.

So far–Kanye hasn’t issued any statements about the letter or Anderson’s request for help.