Woman Asks Pizza Delivery Girl For A Joke—And That Joke Got The Girl Fired

People on social media are demanding #JusticeForPizzaGirl after a Pizza Hut employee from Stafford, Virginia, was given the boot for writing a joke inside the pizza box.

The reason she wrote the joke in the first place, however, was because it was specifically requested. WJLA, the ABC station in Washington, reported that the customer— who wanted to remain anonymous— said her two sons (aged 12 and 15) asked for a joke to be written on the box when they ordered their pizza online.

“What do a pizza delivery driver and a gynecologist have in common?”

The news station did not repeat the answer because it was apparently “too crude,” but a sex-and-joke-positive reporter shared a picture of the punchline on Twitter:

“They both have to smell it, but neither of them get to eat it.”

“It’s an inappropriate joke. There’s a time and place for everything,” the customer told WJLA. “My pizza box is not one of them. It’s a lesson learned.”

Yet, although the employee called to apologize and the mom purportedly claimed she did not want her to get fired, Pizza Girl was let go anyway. Several people took to their local Pizza Hut’s Facebook page to protest this injustice:


Let’s be honest: The joke was hysterical (AND TOPICAL) unless you are a mother who truly believes her 12- and 15-year-old sons don’t know about vaginas. Sure, it may have been a little crude— but many of them are, and besides— you asked for it! If you’re so sensitive about it, maybe next time set some joke guidelines in the special request field of your order.