A History Professor Just Laid The Smackdown On Kanye West’s Claims That Slavery Was A ‘Choice’

ICYMI–Kanye West has yet again stirred a pretty large controversy across the Internet (and the world) after making some colorful comments in the media spotlight.

While West making outlandish comments about things he knows nothing about is not new, this time, it’s personal. While doing an interview at the TMZ offices in California, Kanye West went on a pretty major rant–which ended in him claiming “slavery was a choice.” Obviously–black people everywhere were outraged and offended at the implication that their ancestors chose to be slaves.

His exact quote:

When you hear about slavery for 400 years, for 400 years? That sound like a choice.

Amongst the thousands of people who were shocked, hurt, and disappointed in West’s remarks was History Professor Blair LM Kelley, who teaches at North Carolina State University. In response to West’s comments, Professor Kelley decided to school the rapper with some facts he may not have read/heard of in his lifetime.

The professor claimed that Kanye’s argument is not new, in fact, she’s had students claim that they would have “never been enslaved.”

She went on to say that people aren’t truly aware of the situation that occurred when slavery was happening–people being ripped from their homes, abused, walking hundreds of miles across Africa.

She also claimed that people don’t understand the brutality of slave castles.

And, the reality of being chained to others on ships during the middle passage.

How could they “choose” to be sold like products in a market?

She also spoke out towards the strength of survival.

Ending that Kanye’s remarks are “an embarrassment.”

Many people agreed and thanked the professor for her words and breakdown.