A Fan Caught Zachary Quinto Using A Fake Name At Starbucks And Put Him On Blast

Celebrities frequently try to go incognito when out and about in public — take, for example, Brad Pitt, who once introduced himself to a girl he was hitting on as “William.” But, let’s be real: they’re rarely fooling anybody.

Recently, Zachary Quinto tried to fool a Starbucks barista into thinking he was just some normal dude named “Josh.” Sophia the barista was not amused and took to Twitter to call Quinto out.

Recently, Quinto admitted to the (slightly embarrassing) snafu on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Quinto sheepishly claimed that he gets awkward out in public. “When I’m by myself I get a little, like, nervous or self-conscious, I don’t know. Maybe people don’t know me and I can go undercover… clearly that’s not always the case!”

“She thinks that I’m trying to be sleuthy but I wasn’t,” he added.  “I was just getting in and out.”

And, for the record: Sophia wasn’t the only one who recognized Quinto in that Starbucks.

If Quinto’s looking to be more under-the-radar, then perhaps he should avoid frequenting the nation’s largest chain of coffee purveyors? Just a thought.