Guy Noticed Something Fishy About ‘Black Conservative’ Twitter Account, So He Did A Little Digging

Twitter user @AntiKemite, a self-proclaimed “Non-PC Black man” who goes by ‘The Dope Conservative,’ was recently called out for using a stock image of a black man as his profile picture.

This lead to the widely accepted conclusion that the man behind the account is almost certainly not black.

Twitter user Brad DePrima found the original stock image on Shutterstock, listed as “Black man posing with crossed arms and wearing glasses.” Lol.


(Granted, black conservatives do exist — looking @ you, Stacey Dash.)

Another piece of evidence pointing to the fact that the man behind the account is not black are his tragic tweets.

As well as the fact that they only start on April 25th.

Aaaaannnd there’s also the fact that he uses the hard ‘r,’ and refers to white people as ‘crackers.’

“The Dope Conservative” responded to DePrima’s callout by claiming that every other picture of him ever was “saved to a USB which got stolen.”

“Happens to the best of us,” replied DePrima.

Nobody believed The Dope Conservative, natch.

And yet, The Dope Conservative refused to concede defeat, insisting that he is, in fact, the man in the stock photo.

TDC refused to take a selfie and changed his profile picture to an ankh.


What an idiot. We send you into the weekend with this word of advice: