20+ Amazon Products With Over 1,000 Glowing Reviews

Amazon is one of those websites that are saturated with so many products, you’ve never too sure if you’re getting something good or not. Thankfully, customers are always leaving reviews on products so we can know what we’re getting before we buy it.

These products have gotten over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, so you know they’re legit and worth your $$$.

30. This dual USB charger for your car so multiple people can charge their phone at once. 

Glowing Review:

“I bought one of these on a whim and it was a great decision. Compared to a cheap drugstore adapter, there’s no comparison. Anker is on a whole other level of awesomeness. This is the second time I’ve ordered one of these from Anker (I bought another one for my mom) and I continue to be incredibly satisfied with the performance of their products. The adapter charges quickly, works just as well in the cigarette lighter of my ’95 Suburban as it does in my mom’s much newer Dodge Avenger. And, it’s sleek and pretty to boot. Buy it. You won’t regret it.”


Get it on Amazon for $10.99.

29. This polish that’ll ensure all of your kitchen appliances don’t tarnish and rust.

Glowing Review:

This stuff is amazing! It removes shower/faucet/commode scale and deposits like nothing else I have ever used. If used for the right cleaning jobs, this is a product that will surpass your exectations and have you thinking of new applications, such as cleaning tools and equipment that have gained a little rust. It restored luster to old faucets that I had given up on ever looking decent again.

As a retired PhD chemist, I am always interested in great home cleaning products and how they work. One active ingredient in Bar Keepers Friend is oxalic acid, an extremely strong chelating agent that I am familiar with from the laboratory. Without getting too technical, a chelating agent binds super strongly to metals (magnesium, calcium, iron, etc.). Since bathroom scale is mainly magnesium carbonate with some calcium carbonate, oxalic acid reacts with the scale, sucking out the metal and turning the carbonate to carbon dioxide (a gas), making the scale magically disappear. If you are interested, the chemical reaction for oxalic acid reacting with magnesium carbonate is HOOCCOOH + MgCO3 –> MgOOCCOO + CO2 + H2O. Similarly, rust is iron oxide, and the oxalic acid binds to the iron, breaking up the rust and making it disappear when rinsed away.

Oxalic acid is a strong chemical, and the use of gloves is strongly advised, as well as not breathing it or getting it in your mouth or eyes. Cleaning precautions that you take with any strong cleaning product (i.e. bleach) are recommended for oxalic acid.

Kindle Customer

Get it on Amazon for $7.44.

28. This makeup organizer with enough space for all of your cosmetics products.

Glowing review:

Love this make up organizer before o just had my make up and things on the dresser and was always taking up time looking for a specific item. Not anymore now my makeup and lotion are all organized.

It also spins so you can find what you want in no time at all. It’s easy to put together it took no time. It sits high but that’s not a.problem for me, because finally I’m organized and my dresser is clutter free.

I would recommend this to every female it’s great to have and I love it.


Get it on Amazon for $20.99.

27. This floral dress that comes in so many designs and colors, you’re going to want to buy more than one.

Glowing review:

So incredibly pleased with this purchase! The material is soft with a stretch to it, not too thin and the floral print is very bright. I typically wear a 4-6 but ordered a small as I wanted the fit to be more snug than loose. A small was a great choice (5′ 3″, 135lbs, size B bra) I also ordered the peti coat to wear under the dress for added flare and it looks great with it. Very comfortable and stylish! Would highly recommend and intend to purchase more of these dresses in different patterns.


Get it on Amazon for $22.99+.

26. This house for your kitty to live comfortable in.

Glowing review:

First, I am NOT a reviewer, and no one gave me this cube. I bought it because I recently added an abandoned kitten to my already two-cat, 1-dog, 1-bird household, and his boundless energy was making all the pets look for safe corners to curl up in. He also has made them playful and young again, and this cube has answered all my needs by giving my medium-sized (11 pound) female, and fairly large (12.5 pound) male a place to rest and play—whenever, that is, the 7-pound kitten (pictured) isn’t using it for his own castle. Last night, the female curled up on the top (located next to the couch) to be near me while I watched a movie on TV, and the kitten left her alone, slinking in to sleep in the cave below her. All 3 cats fit in the cube itself (singly, of course), and the top is large enough for the 11-pound cat to curl up easily and sleep against the bolsters.

The cube was a hit from the moment I pulled it out of its plastic wrapper and popped up the sides (no instructions needed, although there are some included). I barely got the floor pushed into place when the kitten was inside, batting at the balls. I did not attach the post/arm because I want to be able to put the cube anywhere, and I also worry about running my own legs into it. Instead, I clipped off the pompom (as others had suggested) and let them use it as a fetch toy. The other balls came attached, and I left them dangling. The cats have made no attempt to pull them off, so I suspect they’ll be fine for a while.

I am absolutely thrilled with this product and plan to buy another soon, so I can finally toss the vacuum cleaner box (pictured) that the cats claimed over a week ago. The cube is sturdy and attractive and seems to make the cats as happy as it made me!

Sheryl Siebenborn

Get it on Amazon for $29.99.

25. This comfortable, fuzzy bathroom to cancel your plans in.

Glowing review:

I bought this robe for my wife because she is always cold in the mornings and night and she absolutely loves it! Looks and feels like you could only get through a 5 star spa stay! She says that it is very comfortable and warm and also makes her feel like a millionaire! If you are looking for a robe, this is a must buy!

Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $26.99+

24. This backpack that’s stylish and durable to hold all of your crap.

Glowing review:

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect backpack to replace my purses once and for all. My requirements were that it be black, vegan (faux) leather without looking fake, spacious enough to hold my 11 inch Chromebook while still looking small and sleek, no excess logos/hardware, enough pockets to stay organized, and most importantly, under $40. Not an easy feat. However, after months of searching, I stumbled upon this magnificent thing.

The quality of this bag is something I’d expect from a +$100 bag. This looks great with casual outfits, but it would also fit right in at the office. The material is soft, supple, and almost feels like real leather. No shiny, plastic-y pleather here. The zippers are smooth and don’t snag at all. The lining is a chocolate brown heavy cotton canvas that should withstand a good amount of wear and tear. The main compartment is just the right size for my Chromebook (would also fit an 11 inch tablet) with enough room for the Chromebook charger, my Kindle, wallet, coin purse, a small zip-up pencil case, a folded reusable grocery bag, a 5×8 notebook, my 3DS, a portable power bank, and a lightweight sweater or cardigan. There are two cellphone-sized open pockets and a zip pocket on the inside, which are the same size you tend to see in any purse/backpack. The exterior zip pocket holds my iPhone 6s, chapstick, a billion hairclips and bobby pins, pens and pencils, and my keys with room to spare. The coolest part of this bag is the hidden zip pocket between the shoulder straps! I don’t have anything in there right now, but I can see myself putting money and credit cards/ID in there when I travel or go to a theme park. Easy access for you, but impossible for someone else to unzip and pickpocket without you noticing. Just a neat feature that I didn’t see in any other backpack I looked at. The shoulder straps are comfortable and adjustable and they don’t pinch or dig in like a lot of other “fashion” backpacks tend to do.

I could rave about this backpack forever, but I’ll wrap it up with this: if you’re looking for a backpack that manages to be extremely stylish while remaining fully-functional, give this one a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Angie Prince

Get it on Amazon for $14.99.

23. This 20-pack of meal prep containers so you can have lunch packed for the entire week and then some.

Glowing review:

Finally got organized!!! These are so great for lunches and freezing up meals for those nights when I don’t feel well enough to cook. I have progressive MS, and it can be rough waking up some days with no energy at all. My husband and a friend help me cook & prep meals for the week so that we don’t end up going out and spending on fast food or expensive restaurant meals! There’s plenty of room in each section for any type of meal. I even prep breakfast quiches or McD’s style egg mcmuffin breakfast sandwiches with some fresh fruit and yogurt, or do a deconstructed breakfast burrito with all the fixin’s! I purchased the single compartment trays too for casseroles, enchiladas, lasagna, chili, shepherd’s pie, stew, pasta, etc. for family style freezer meals. I’ll fill all three of these compartments with salad and bought the little dressing cups to send along too! These are not as flimsy as some reviews have stated. They’re lightweight, so if you handle them carefully you’ll get lots of life out of these babies! Hubby loves them, so that’s perfect for me! Highly recommend these if you want to prep your week…these are awesome!!! ?


Get it on Amazon for $19.99.

22. This electric can opener that ensures you won’t splash or cut yourself.

Glowing review:

Awesome can opener! My wife bought a cheap one from Kohl’s on Black Friday for about $11. It took only about 2 weeks before it starting bogging down and could not finish opening one can! I told her “I will go on Amazon and find a nice one for a decent price based on rating. I’m glad I read the reviews and ordered it. It came fast thanks to prime and within 2 days we were zipping through can and the tops just lift off effortlessly!

I love this feature as I still have a bad scar on my had from years ago I wishing pushing down the trash bag to make more room and my palm push right into a sharp can lid and it cut me really bad. You can run the can top up and down your arm with pressure and it won’t leave a scratch. Not to shabby for a Hamilton Beach product!


Get it on Amazon for $29.96.

21. A reusable water bottle you can fill all day and save money/the environment.

Glowing review:

I’ve bought about 7 different water bottles over the past couple years: Rubbermaid, S’well, Contigo, Living Solutions, so many! My favorite for the longest time was this $4.99 bottle from Duane Reade called the Living Solutions Tritan bottle. It was a beautiful size, held around 26oz, and I loved the built-in loop. Well, they stopped selling them all of a sudden and whatever was left went on clearance for half price. At the time, I was naive and just went with the color I liked most, not knowing they would never be seen again. But in the words of Dr. Seuss, I should be happy it happened in the first place.

So when the loop on that bottle broke in a freak accident involving a rogue suitcase, I bought about three different kinds of bottles from Amazon in the span of 2 months. The closest I found to my former love was the Contigo Tranquil bottle, but it was so puny by comparison and had this weird half-opening, silicon sleeve thing that just made me sad.

Then, out of nowhere, my dad asked to use my Prime to order a water bottle he could take to work. He’s a doctor with long shifts and a lack of proper water fountains at his full-time job, so he needed something with a large capacity. We searched for a couple minutes and decided on a Nalgene. Well, I loved the bottle more than he did and I took it any chance I got, particularly on the weekends when he went to the part-time hospital with free water and had no need to bring water from home. After a week or two of my debauchery, I ordered my own, and I LOVE it.

Sure, it makes you pee 2-3 times more than you normally would in a day. Sure, drinking two of these a day is the equivalent of a half-gallon of fluid. Sure, it’s easy to spill some water on yourself when you get a little too excited. But if you’re like me and love to be hydrated throughout the day and usually spill water on yourself everyday anyway no matter what bottle you use, I HIGHLY recommend this brand.


Get it on Amazon for $10.57.

20. This electric deep fryer so you can stop hitting up McDonald’s for your french fry craving. 

Glowing review:

I actually made a mistake of buying a much larger and fancier deep fryer few years back, on account of having a big family and my belief that being able to adjust the temperature will be useful in some way.

Well, the large fryer needed something like a gallon of oil, which was wasteful and unwieldy; it also required a trip to the grocery store every time you needed to replace the oil. And since you seldom fry something for much longer than 2-5 minutes, the ability to put in everything at once made relatively little sense. So, the unit spent most of its life collecting dust.

Several years later, I bumped into FryDaddy; for $23, I decided to give it a try. And boy: it’s simple, small, heats up right away, easy to stow away. Frying some chicken is no longer a big deal.

one bad cat

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