42 Inappropriate Disney Memes That Will Make Any Princess Laugh

We’ve all grown up with fond memories related to the entire Disney universe. Whether it’s the movies or amusement parks Disney has a ton of real estate in people’s childhoods. I’m 24-years-old and I still watch Disney movies. I love the classics but even their new movies are excellent! Don’t even get me started on the soundtracks. Try and rank the top 10 Disney songs of all time and it’s nearly impossible. Like I said I still enjoy the newer movies but obviously they’re for children, sure you’ll get the occasional funny joke in there that makes anyone laugh but obviously, they’re targeting children. Thankfully the Internet is pretty good at producing some hilarious Disney memes with some adult comedy added. When I say adult comedy I’m mean they’re just downright inappropriate. Enjoy these inappropriate Disney posts and keep your childhood alive in a kind of twisted way.

1. Trying to cop a feel, huh?

?? #disney #disneymemes #frozen #annaandkristoff

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2. This is the most disrespectful thing a human can do.

3. Ariel WTF! Figure it out!