35 T.J. Maxx Tweets That Literally Sum Up Your Life

There are three stores in the world that are equivalent to walking into the seventh circle of hell – HomeGoods, Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. Surprisingly, yet not so surprisingly, these stores are all affiliated with each other and work side-by-side as a gang of evil geniuses to make us spend our hard-earned cash on things we don’t need now/will never need a day in any of our lives. We walk in for one simple little sale item and walk out with three shopping carts filled with dog toys (we don’t have a dog), inexpensive cooking supplies (we UberEats), books (who even reads?) and 67 candles that’ll probably burn our houses down. Why? Because everything is marked so *inexpensively* we always think we’re getting a great sale – and, let’s be real, who can pass up a really good sale?