30 Hilarious Problems Any Introvert Will Be Able To Relate To (In The Comfort Of Their Own Home, Alone)

Do you make plans and then immediately begin to think of ideas to get out of said plans? If so you may just be an introvert. There’s a ton of introverts out there that deal with the funny little quirks of the introvert lifestyle. Thankfully, we can all take a second to laugh at ourselves and wonder, “Why are we the way we are?”. This list goes out to all my people who would rather curl up in bed and watch Netflix then deal with having to talk to people at a bar all night. If socializing with too many people is literally exhausting to you you’ll probably catch yourself nodding and saying “same’ throughout the entirety of this list. Here is a hilarious list of relatable pictures and tweets for introverts by introverts. Enjoy laughing alone in your room to this one.


Introvert Problems


Introvert Problems


Introvert Problems


Introvert Problems


Introvert Problems

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