27 Utterly Unforgivable Celebrity Photoshop Fails

11. The before and after of Kim K’s photo shoot.

The way they edit Kim’s body in her photoshoots, if she doesn’t look too perfect already let’s just make it even more unrealistic.

12. Ayo Kim, where’s the rest of your arm at?

This one has me a bit stumped, Kim may have decided to touch up her right hip area and accidentally erased her entire forearm? And didn’t notice?

13. Kris Jenner was doing a little touching up of her arm, seems to run in the family.

It does run in the family, look at that obviously altered arm and face Kris Jenner has going on here. Just look at how warped that wood looks, not a very good attempt.

14. Oh no Lindsey, what are you doing.

Lindsey Lohan with a huge swing and miss, I mean not even close. That door frame looks like it’s melting. It looks like if you were looking into one of those mirrors at a fun house or carnival, do they have those anymore?

15. Kris and Gordon Ramsey looking like two wax statues.

Kris Jenner just absolutely blending her face along with Gordon Ramsey’s to the point it’s almost hard to recognize them. This picture is the second worst facial Photoshop mishap I’ve ever seen.