27 Utterly Unforgivable Celebrity Photoshop Fails

6. Queen B’s wavy curtains by her hips.


Fan’s seem to think Queen B is a photoshop addict. She pops up on this list multiple times for some pretty obvious pictures. This one might just be some wavy curtains! Either way, fans are calling it a photoshop foul.

7. Not sure why Jessica Alba needs any form of Photoshop at all…

Well, not sure which picture is supposed to be the more attractive one? Both the left and right look like potentially the most beautiful girl in the world? Literally flawless, so unnecessary.

8. This difference between the before picture and published image of J.Law.

This before and after GIF of what they decided to do to Jennifer Lawrence’s body after a photo shoot seems a bit extreme…

9. After Khloe was called out for altering her thigh by the door, she quickly switched it to the original.

Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan are no strangers to the world of Photoshopping. In this picture, Khloe decided to share she strangely tried to alter her thigh? Either way, fans called her out, and she quickly switched the photo for an original.

10. Something looks a bit off with that door frame…

Kim K and Blac Chyna showing off what their mommas gave them! Or what they bought, either way, you know what I’m saying. Fans were quick to point out that doorway and floor tile look a bit wavy, don’t you think?