22-Year-Old Rapper Finds An Unlikely Friend In 81-Year-Old ‘Words With Friends’ Buddy

So what does a 22-year old rapper from Harlem and an 81-year old woman from Palm Beach have in common? Not much you may think, well, in this case, these two consider themselves best friends.  Stories like this are one of the many reasons I love my social media and technology. Thanks to the Words With Friends app these two got the opportunity to get to know each other over 5 months. Spencer Sleyon raps under the name Half Empty while Rosalind Guttman enjoys her retirement in Palm Beach.

“Sometimes we’d speak about personal things, but nothing extra personal. Politics, the election, hurricanes.”

At the time the two started playing against each other Sleyon was living in Maryland. He, unfortunately, decided he had to delete the game because his life was becoming too busy. Sadly the two friends lost touch after this. Eventually, Sleyon moved to New York and ended up mentioning to a mother of one of his high school friends. Pastor Amy Butler decided these two needed to be reconnected after hearing about Spencer’s “best friend.”

Image result for Spencer Sleyon, who raps under the name Half Empty, played Rosalind Guttman on the Words With Friends app every day for five months straight. He was able to travel from New York to Florida to meet her last week.

Although the two admit that Sleyon won the better part of the games played they both really won when you consider the new friendship that had formed. The friendship began to blossom when Sleyon was impressed with Guttman’s use of the word “phat”. Guttman admitted she thought his username,“FUCKFACEFILTH,” was a “masterful alliteration.” That’s all it took to spark a pretty out of the ordinary friendship.