Ryan Reynolds Just Trolled His Own Mom On Instagram— And It’s As Funny As Ever

Ryan Reynolds is an advanced-stage troll. His ability to throw his own wife and kids under the Internet bus for a few laughs is unparalleled— You can’t even hold it against him, that’s how funny he is. Nobody is safe. Not even his own mom.

Reynolds dressed up as Deadpool as part of a promotion for his upcoming appearance at Brazil’s Comic Con, promising fans that he’d also be bringing “moderately trained” tattoo artists down to Brazil with him to give out free tattoos.

According to the Merc with a Mouth, fans who attend Brazil Comic-Con will have their choice of four different Deadpool-themed designs to choose from— although the artists will probably be legit and not just “moderately trained.”

“Love, like the love I have for my right hand… and nude samba dancing,” he said. “Family, specifically, your mom. God, she makes an amazing breakfast. Pride, for your country and its leading export, supermodels.”

I combined all four to create a beautiful lower back piece. ??

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But Reynolds took it one step further when he included his adorable little mom Tammy in the promotion. He posted a photo of himself with mom on his Instagram, which on closer inspection shows Photoshopped Deadpool tattoos all over her face and neck. The caption reads: “My Mom had the best time in the #Deadpool tattoo booth at Brazil Comic Con.”

My Mom had the best time in the #Deadpool tattoo booth at Brazil Comic Con. #ccxp2017

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His mom probably knows better than most this kind of thing is to be expected if you take a picture with Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool 2 will be released in theaters on June 1, 2018.