This Professor’s Expert Troll Of A Student Who Pulled Her Phone Out In Class Is Going Viral

Neither age nor profession definitively determine troll capabilities. Dads have been known to exhibit grade A(+) trolling potency, as have countless librarians (seriously!), teachers, and professors.

Austin-based reporter and Twitter user Lizzy Smith recently learned this lesson when her professor expertly executed a très contemporary maneuver. So expertly, in fact, that her tweet documenting the matter racked up almost 350,000 likes and 108,000 retweets in two days’ time.

Smith began pulling out her phone during a lecture, only to realize the prof had cued up a special message via AirDrop:

People had questions.

As well as suggestions.

As well as a lot of praise for Professor Donaldson.

May we all be so lucky as to have a Professor Donaldson in our lives.