Agile Dog Jumps Through The Bars Of A Gate Matrix-Style—And Becomes A Twitter Sensation

Australian Shepherds are known to be agile, intelligent, and generally really helpful working dogs. But a video posted by @rudy_mustang on Twitter gives the word “agility” a whole new meaning.

“Want to see my dog jump through a gate” reads the caption, and shows Callie the cowdog leaping sideways through a cattle gate with zero hesitation, straight up Matrix style.

Perhaps the most extraordinary part of all is that Callie taught herself the trick:

Twitter was so fascinated that the video has been retweeted over 19,000 times and racked up over 62,000 likes in under three days’ time. Many were quite impressed with Callie’s dexterity:

Confirmed. Dogs are the best.

Neo approves.

Oh, and in the event you wanted to see more of Callie, she now has an IG where you can see pictures like this:

Dreaming of chasing cows

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And this:

Good morning! Playing in the dirt!

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