This Illustrator’s Relatable “Work From Home Fashions” Have Freelancers And Moms Everywhere Howling

Working from home is fantastic for so many reasons; no commuting, you can eat and drink whatever, whenever, work on your couch or in your bed, and, best of all, never ever get dressed! You don’t even need to brush your teeth, or shower! EVER!

It’s problematic. It’s fun for a couple weeks, but it ultimately results in some slovenly, anti-social, super gnarly behaviors and odors.  It’s an issue illustrator Tyler Feder — a female freelancer — is familiar with. Her latest work lauding “work-from-home fashions” is so, so very real to all of us who do not leave the house to work.

This particular edition (there are 3!) also happens to feature the ‘Skype Conference Look,’ wherein the subject tends to only the upper half of their body.

Also included is the “pockets prob will with used tissues” look, and “sweater that’s basically a blanket.”

Needless to say, freelancers everywhere related super hard to these fashion ~lewks~.

Especially the Skype conference call one:

Clearly, Tyler’s illustrations resonated with the freelance community. Her work has garnered over 77,000 likes on Twitter, with the thread itself growing into a giant conversation and idea exchange re: work-from-home outfits.

Parts one and two of “Work-From-Home Fashions” feature “shower-wet hair” and the beloved “blanket cape.”


People began sharing their own work from home outfits:

Feder’s uncanny ability to absolutely nail this aspect of every single work-from-home employee had people in tears.

Check out Tyler’s work on Etsy!