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Woman Tweets About The Horror Of Watching Movies With Her Parents, And Everyone Agrees

Eliza Skinner is a comedy writer who has made stuff for The Late Late Show, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, and Adam Ruins Everything, among other things, but she’s also a Twitter monster whose simple and succinct observations are extremely relatable.

Skinner must be home for the holidays right now, because a lot of her tweets over the past few days have been about weird stuff she’s found at her parents’ house and observations about her family.

One such tweet she tossed out on Christmas has gone viral, racking up more than 50,000 “hearts” and counting. That’s because Skinner expressed a universal, hilarious truth about the maddening, hellish experience of watching a movie her parents.

Hitting the theater, putting on something from Netflix, or, let’s be honest, because they’re our older parents, a DVD or VHS tape on a machine blinking “12:00,” just can’t be a simple way to silently kill two hours, can it? Noooooooo. They have to go on and on with their questions about the plot, “who that guy is,” other movies that guy has been in, more questions about the plot because they missed an important development because they were talking, and so on. It’s as if they’ve never even seen a movie!

The internet both thoroughly sympathized and empathized with Skinner’s predicament.