Trump Reportedly Drinks A Massive Amount Of Diet Coke Every Day, And We’re Astounded

The President of the United States is supposed to set a pretty good example for the rest of the country. Or, that’s the idea, right? When your President can’t keep his mouth shut on Twitter and stirs the pot more than a Housewife on Bravo, it’s hard to respect him as an authority figure. Sorry…not sorry. While he spends (what seems to be) the majority of his time on Twitter, it turns out that our POTUS has enough time on his hands to partake in some other “healthy” activities. No problem that he has to fix our country and “Make America Great Again,” he has more than enough time to drink himself into a diabetic coma and maybe end up brain dead. Confused? Well, according to a New York Times article that interviewed 60 “insiders,” Donald Trump likes to watch 8 hours of TV a day and drinks up to 12 Diet Cokes per day.

I was brought up in a house that didn’t really drink much soda, but, I know having a soda here and there won’t kill me. I also know that having a soda or two everyday also won’t kill me, although it may make me put on a bit of weight. Now, 12 sodas per day? That’s just absurd. That sounds like more of an addiction than anything else. Plus, we all know diet soda is filled with chemicals and artificial flavoring. What a great example to set for the rest of the country, Mr. President.

Also, where does he find all this free time to watch all of this TV? I mean, we all know he’s obsessed with watching CNN and then tweeting about his anger towards them. But, for 8 hours a day? That’s a pretty long time. How about maybe paying attention to your actual job? Seeing as you play golf for another 2-3…where do you find the time to, I don’t know, run the country?

Obviously, after reading this info., Twitter had some serious thoughts.

But, remember when…

Oh, the irony.