Woman Posts Pics With Her First Gun Boasting Of Her ‘Safe’ Personality, Regrets It A Few Weeks Later

Social media is a double-edged sword. On one hand it has allowed Russian bots to destroy our democracy, has caused children to grow up emulating the Kardashians rather than spending time outside, has directly resulted in an increase in cyber bullying and a radical drop in self-esteem for a large portion of our youth.

On the other hand, social media can have powerful, positive ramifications. We’re seeing that in the current new cycle as we watch Parkland teen survivors calling out our representatives at every turn in their pursuit of stricter gun control legislation. Holding politicians responsible for their promises is as easy as scrolling backwards through their Twitter timelines, and getting people help is a GoFundMe click away.

People are forced to think about what they put out on the Internet because screenshots are forever. 22-year-old New Mexico resident Fiona McCrossin recently learned this difficult lesson in what can only be called a case of pure poetic irony.

Back in November, McCrossin uploaded a picture of herself posing with her new handgun to the Facebook group DC9.

Her post read: “I got my first ever gun today DC9, post pics of your most favorite firearm or the first gun you’ve ever had, whatever speaks to you most.”

“PS. I’m a flamboyant liberal queer and my more ‘right’ friends feel like they have converted me and are ecstatic (maaaaaybe they’re right a bit, it’s not likely tho but I’ll just let them think that bc I love my friends”

What being a ‘flamboyant liberal queer’ has to do with anything we’ll probably never know.

But those who personally knew this teal gun-wielder were immediately concerned and commented saying so. McCrossin replied in a defensive manner as she insisted on her suitability as a gun owner.


Mere weeks after McCrossin’s gun selfie and Facebook exchange on DC9, she proved the worries of her naysayers all too well-founded after she was arrested for firing her weapon at another vehicle in a road rage dispute:

An excerpt from the official Las Cruces Police Department Facebook reads:

“Investigators learned that both vehicles turned north on Roadrunner Parkway and both drivers engaged in aggressive driving. At about that time the driver of the Mazda, later identified as McCrossin, pointed a handgun at the Lexus and discharged one round.

Police learned the round fired by McCrossin shattered the back window of her own vehicle.

McCrossin fled the immediate area but was located a short while later at an apartment on Roadrunner Parkway. She was taken into custody and police located a spent .380 caliber shell casing inside McCrossin’s Mazda. Police also recovered the .380 caliber handgun McCrossin is believed to have used.”

She was then booked into the Dona Ana County Detention Center where she was held without bond.

A quick look at the LCPD Facebook comments revealed the lady doth protested too much when she insisted with vehemence how ‘safe’ a firearm owner she was:

Also that she was prone to bouts of road rage in general:

Just goes to show you, whether it is an unstable ”flamboyant liberal queer” with a firearm or an unstable alt-right MAGA teen with a firearm, the firearm is the common dangerous denominator here.