People Are Going Wild For Kim Kardashian’s Perfume Packaging—But There’s Some Confusion

You could call Kim Kardashian a reality TV star or sex tape star, but if you did, you’d out yourself as somebody who doesn’t really pay attention to pop culture, or who sounds kind of sexist or dismissive of women. Yes, the cultural juggernauts by which Kim K launched herself into superstardom are Keeping Up with the Kardashians and a homemade porno, but Kardashian is a remarkably successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. Her smartphone game made $100 million, for example, and she’s had her own shoe, clothing, and jewelry businesses. Her latest: the Kimoji Hearts Fragrance Collection.

It’s more than just your average drugstore perfume. The fragrance is packed in candy-heart-shaped containers (just in time for Valentine’s Day) and it comes in three flavors.