This Mom And Dad’s Captions For Their Baby Daughter’s Pics Are Hilariously Different

Mothers and fathers are going to have different approaches when it comes to parenting. That’s just a fact of life. Gender stereotypes aside, it’s just inevitable that two people in a co-parenting situation are going to have different styles, methodologies, and philosophies about the best ways to raise a child. And yes, sometimes those differences are going to translate on social media — for better or worse.

Mother Shanice Daniel recently posted an adorable photo of her daughter to Instagram, accompanied by the quote “Now I know I have met an angel in person.”

(Look at that face! Truly a stunner.)

The baby’s father, however, had a decidedly different (and entertaining) tactic when posting pics of his daughter.

(I honestly have to agree with the dad here, this baby 100% looks like she’s over this sh*t.)

Shanice felt that the difference was such a hilarious depiction of their contrasting parenting styles that she shared the snapshots to Twitter.

People found the difference to be both delightful and, ultimately, relatable as hell.

And, to be fair, everyone agrees that Dad’s caption seems accurate.

In the end, both photos are equally adorable depictions of their baby daughter — so maybe mom and dad can just both be right on this one?