20+ Pictures That’ll Make Any Woman With A Lovably Infuriating Boyfriend Cackle Uncontrollably

Would it be nice to have a significant other who gifts you flowers and jewelry for seemingly no reason? Who calls you just to tell you you’re beautiful? Who plans thoughtful, intricate outings months and months in advance of your anniversary? Sure.

But a significant other who makes fun of your clothes, can’t behave in a department store, and is infuriating in almost every single way is arguably EVEN BETTER…right?

26. The boyfriend who doesn’t understand his girlfriend’s shoes.

25. The S.O. who just wanted a different perspective:

24. And the one who didn’t quite think things through:

23. The boyfriend who gave the gift of song…kind of:

22. And the one who commemorated his S.O.’s first fart in front of him…with this cake:


21. And the one who googly-eyed everything in the fridge:

20. The dude who knows exactly where he keeps his stationary:

19. The boyfriend who freshened up, alright:

18. And the one who sure knows how to squash an argument:

17. The guy who knows what he wants:

16. And the best candid photog there ever was: