Dr. Pimple Poppers Latest Pop Is A 10-Year-Old ‘Never-Ending’ Cyst

Nasties of the Internet, rejoice! Dr. Pimple Popper is back with another really really gnarly extraction. This one is titled “Huge Blackhead, Big Open Cyst, or a Nice Dilated Pore of Winer? What’s your guess?” What’s your guess, indeed? A Pore of Winer is just a fancy-dermatologist way of saying “enormous open blackhead” by the way.

So Dr. Sandra Lee squeezes and squeezes, only to find this man’s big pore is housing a HUGE CYST underneath. This HUGE CYST has been growing for 10 years. An actual decade. This cyst has become a part of this man. This cyst has no intention of leaving. And once squeezed, it emits a never-ending, I meanĀ never-ending amount of macerated keratin, which are wet skin cells, which create a “cheesy consistency” with a “pungent odor.” Yaaaaaay!

WOW, hope you weren’t planning on eating anytime soon! Once Dr. Lee is done with squeezing, her patient is left with a giant gaping hole in his back which she refers to as a “change purse” but which in reality is just a gaping hole in his back.

(Un?)surprisingly, the man was not at all interested in seeing the piles of cheesy goo extracted from his body. Sad! Oh and while you’re here, why not check out this unicorn cyst? YOLO, after all.