People Are Furious Over This Butt Lift Barbie-Style Doll With “Authentic Curves”

Miss Bumbum is a doll the Kardashians would be proud of.

A Barbie-esque doll with an enormous booty is causing outrage in Brazil, where it is set to go on sale this summer. The butt-lift doll has a bum that in real life would equate to about 40 inches around, a measurement which critics say is anatomically impossible without surgery. According to The Daily Mail, butt-lift Barbie detractors feel that the doll will deal a blow to the self-esteem of young girls, encouraging them to pursue plastic surgery rather than any type of meaningful growth.

The doll was created by and named for the Miss Bumbum beauty pageant, her tagline promising “authentic Brazilian curves.” She comes dressed in the yellow and green one-piece swimsuit for which the best-booty competition is known and will go on sale on August 8, when the Miss Bumbum pageant is set to take place.

Though manufacturers say they are drowning in preorders of the toy, not everyone is excited. Sara Winter, a candidate for federal deputy in this year’s Brazil elections, has drafted a cease-and-desist order against the pageant and threatened legal action in order to stop the doll from being sold.

“This is really serious,” she said, according to The Daily Mail. “The doll’s bottom is completely disproportionate. A bottom that big is almost impossible to achieve without surgery.” She added:

“For girls, dolls are a representation of the women they want to be, just like with dolls such as Barbie and Suzie. This doll will frustrate young girls, making them believe that this is the body they should have and aspire to.

They will look at their doll, then look at their mothers, aunts, teachers, and wonder why no-one has a bottom as big as that.

I have no doubt that if a doll like this is circulating in Brazil it will lead to more teenagers and young women seeking dangerous procedures to make their bottoms bigger.”

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Professor of social psychology and feminist Lenise Borges had similar concerns, saying “Dolls should be educational, but this one is more about men’s fetishes with women’s backsides. It is perverse.”

Firector of the non-profit Sexuality and Health Collective in Sao Paulo, Luiza Cadioli, also issued a statement in this vein:

“We know that girls suffer from an unreachable ideal promoted by the media, and at an ever younger age, and in this way sectors such as plastic surgery and aesthetics procedures provide them with the answer.”

But Cacau Oliver, the founder of the Miss Bumbum franchise doesn’t want to hear it. In a statement to The Daily Mirror, he said:

“I don’t see any problem in commercializing a Miss BumBum doll, my public are not my children. The doll will be sold.”

The Miss BumBum pageant, which awards prizes based on the “best butts,” is one of the largest in Brazil, the country which leads in world rankings for butt lift procedures.

h/t DailyMail|The Daily Mirror