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  • 19 People Shamefully Admit The Lies From Porn That They Actually Believed

    I assume most of our sexual expectations are, in some way, influenced by the porn we watch. I, for example, am shocked at how few sexy, DD-cupped mortgage brokers will allow me to pay my mortgage by letting them give me a blowjob. The following Redditors clearly have come to realize their own disappointments in […] More

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  • Guilty Parents Admit The Outright Lies They’ve Told Their Children

    Parents are always telling their children not to lie, so parents always tell the truth, right? Wrong! Sometimes parents tell a little white lie to get kids to behave. Sometimes they tell a whopper for other reasons. Here are some of the best lies parents have told. Leafy Green Lies My mother told me that […] More

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  • Women Reveal What They Do To Show Men That They’re Interested

    Is dating really this much of a crapshoot? Well, readers: You may as well tell us. What do you do to let someone know that you’re interested? And how quickly can “interested” turn to “creepy”? What do you do if you want to show someone that you’re actually interested? Sometimes that can be hard to […] More

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  • People Reveal The Letters They Never Sent To Someone, But Wish That They Did

    According to the description for this subReddit, “We’ve all had times where we’ve wanted to spill the beans to someone, be they bad or good, but never did or can’t for whatever reasons. Post a letter here, whether it’s a Thank You note or something not so happy. Letter to an ex? Mad at the […] More

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