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    30+ Insane Pics That’ll Make You Wonder WTF Is Going On With Florida

    Florida is America’s weird cousin, just kinda hanging out there in the Atlantic Ocean doing it’s own bizarre thing. The weather’s is outstanding and the people are… outstanding in their own unique way. For whatever reason, Florida produces some of the most colorful criminals and staggeringly strange news headlines. After getting through this you’ll wonder […] More

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    60+ Tumbler Posts That Are No Filler, Just Funny

    There’s nothing quite like the weirdos on Tumblr. I love the stuff they post, the way they think, the way they interact—-they’re a special bunch of people. When they make me laugh they make me laugh hard and stupid. It’s usually tough to explain to people, which makes it all the more awkward when it […] More

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    22 Amazing Memes That Defined 2017

    It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with the Internet and memes. Since social media is at the very edge of our fingertips, it’s no surprise we’re faced with an abundance of trending content and news. 2017 wasn’t the best year for many of us, at least living in America that is. Society has been falling apart […] More

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    People Reveal Why They Don’t Talk To Their “Best Friend” Anymore

    What’s a little jihad among friends? Losing your best friend can be heartbreaking. The reasons behind the end of any relationship are often very personal. Ideally, a best friend will be with you through thick and through thin… but these stories tell us differently. Redditor _haxden91 _got the proverbial ball rolling with the following question: […] More

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    39 Utterly Demented Elf On The Shelf Ideas

    I grew up in a generation before Elf on the Shelf, and I’m kind of sad I did. Sure, I had plenty of fun making my sister’s Barbies part of a human sacrifice carried out by my G.I. Joes, but some of these things people do with the Elf are so much more “next-level.” Things […] More

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    23 Pictures That Belong In The Museum Of Smartass History

    Everyone loves a smartass, but nobody loves being the smartass’s target. Since the beginning of time we’ve depended on the smartass to make fun of dumb rules, inaccurate language, and social conventions. The Smartass is one of the most valuable people in society. So we should start encouraging smartass kids instead of punishing them. We […] More

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