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This Kanye Quote Posted From A Prominent Right Wing Instagram Account Is a Mess

The thing about quoting somebody is you have to make sure you’re not part of who the quote is inadvertently directed at. Sure, Kanye West likely didn’t have Alex Jones and Infowars in mind when he tweeted “Self-victimization is a disease,” but the right wing host was more than happy to borrow it for his Instagram page. The problem is, as many Twitter and Instagram users have noted, that Jones has been guilty of playing the victim.

Self-Victimization is a Disease- Kanye West

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After Washington Correspondent for the New York Magazine Tweeted Jones’ Instagram post, users like @pragmaticleft were quick to remember that “the typical Infowars fundraiser consists of Alex Jones claiming the feds will be bursting into the studio at any moment.” User @boxeldersean echoed this, writing “The funny thing is, that quote could absolutely apply to Jones and his ilk. All they do is pretend they’re victims.”

One of the host’s most recent acts of self-victimization came when his YouTube channel was allegedly under threat of being banned. He quickly took to social media, stating “The Alex Jones channel with billions of views is frozen. We have been told it will be deleted tomorrow and all 33 thousands videos will be erased.” YouTube was quick to step in and deny Jones’ claims, pointing out that’s not how the banning process works.

If there is one thing Jones’ Instagram post is good for, it’s a good laugh. “‘Self-victimization is a disease’ retweets Alex Jones, whose entire career centers around himself being the victim of a conspiracy by lizard people who want to decimate the human population,” another Twitter user writes.

Unfortunately, there’s also the less humorous side to it as the internet’s penchant for racism showed itself pretty early on. On the Infowars Instagram post, user FoxTrotThreeSeven commented “Has anyone informed the black community they’re all diseased?”